Thinking about joining the club?

The City of Newport Business Club is keen to offer members the best possible platform to grow your business. The club currently presents four evening events per financial year. We have plans in place to organise other social / networking events between the main events.

The club is frequently invited to collaborate with others, i.e. businessowners / companies / organisations  to provide members with even more opportunities to meet and thus potentially grow the reach and success of their business.


To attend a single evening event, the cost (to include a one course meal) is £30. (apply now)
However, we strongly recommend taking advantage of the appreciable savings available by becoming a full member.


Membership Types



You can join as single member and attend the four main evening events  in the financial year. The cost of this package – four events for one person – is £108 per annum. (apply now)


You can join as a company member, reserving seats at each event-four evenings.

The cost of this package – four evening events- per finacial year is:- (apply now)

•    One Person        £108
•    Two People        £216
•    Four People       £432
•    Six People          £648
•    Table of Eight   £864 



Your company also has the opportunity to join the club as a sponsor-member. Sponsors receive a high level of visibility at all our events including:

•    Pre-event publicity on mailings
•    Opportunity to place a small pop-up type stand near the speaker podium at each event
•    50 words & company logo on the City of Newport Business Club web site
•    Pass out literature on your company  to delegates
•    You will also get the opportunity to book a time  at an event to present to fellow members for approximately 5-10 minutes on your company at an event of your choice
•    Receive a table of eight at each event

If your interested in becoming a sponsor please contact us by using our contact form  Contact us

* Sector Exclusive Sponsor *

This exclusive package includes all the benefits listed above but, crucially, ensures that no other sponsor in the sponsor’s specific sector, i.e. accountancy/graphic design,  can become a sponsor of The City of Newport Business Club for the duration of the existence and currency of the exclusive sponsorship agreement.

Existing sector exclusive sponsors retain first refusal to renew exclusive agreements at the end of each financial year. One top table seat is reserved for the sector exclusive sponsor, at each of the City of Newport Business Club events.

If your interested in becoming a sponsor please contact us by using our contact form  Contact us

One off Event Sponsorship 

Your company can choose to sponsor a specific event rather than sponsoring for the year. The benefits are the same as noted above but only relate to one event. If you are interested in this type of sponsorship please Contact Us.