Two down two to go

The city of Newport business club is now half way through its first season back at the Celtic manor where the club was founded over 18 years ago.

The club, along with its sponsors and guests, has been delighted at the level of hospitality it has received from the resort. It is the committees desire to grow the club to mirror the growth of Newport as a city.

Chairman, Dan Goulding commented, “The Celtic Manor makes an excellent venue for the club due to its strategic location and we’ve been extremely impressed with the way we have been looked after by the management and staff. we’d love as many local business people as possible to attend and look forward to welcoming members, new and old, to experience the ‘new look’ club.”

Our next event is on march 10th when our speaker will be the MD of the internationally renowned company Cintec International. Peter James will be entertaining us by telling us about some of the projects they have been involved in, ranging from the Vatican to the pyramids, where he was affectionately given the nickname ‘Indiana’. hopefully he will also outline the measures that he now has to take to protect his teams since the world has become such a dangerous place.

please visit our web site and think about joining us at either of these two events. We are already planning next year’s events and will publish details as soon as possible.

Download the press release here also